Being a musician is challenging responsibility, similar to any other skill or profession it takes years of practice and dedication to the art form. I consider myself pretty lucky in that I was given a musical education around 9 years old (in 4th grade) when the teacher started handing out different musical instruments to all the kids. I was handed a trumpet, a perfect weapon for an unruly kid.. LOL

I continued with the trumpet for at least 5 more years while also learning how to play the French Horn and Trombone which gave me great insight on how to sight read both treble and bass clef notation. At 14 I first heard Led Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains The Same” and it was pretty much all over for the orchestral and marching band “thing”, I wanted to rock..!

Funny thing is roll the clock forward about 30 or so years and I come full circle with the marching band “thing” (and around 2007-2008) commence to record a “Symphonic Guitar” tribute album to none other than “The March King” himself; John Philip Sousa! My EP “MARCHING IN” went on to earn international acclaim and features in both Guitar Player magazine and Electronic Musician magazine. Quite the surprise indeed, I was a bit afraid to share “ALL guitar” Sousa Marches to the general public, fearing the worst reaction EVER, lol teaches me!

Along the way I have had the opportunity to meet, get to know and earn endorsements (and even perform live/demo products at the NAMM show) with some of the biggest musical manufacturer companies in the industry via my guitar lesson endeavors. The EZGTR lessons often feature guitar related products that can help every guitar player at any skill level.

As far as education goes, been teaching guitar for almost forever and these days I get to teach 100’s upon 100’s of beginning guitarists at the local junior college which too me is a great honor showing kids their very first “STONES” and “DEEP PURPLE” riffs. 🙂

Anyhow, long story short: Performing live music is one of my favorite passions along with recording music and these days I am putting what energy I have into recording cool music to my newfound love of doing animated cartoons. With the recording aspect, I get to try out new technologies with MIDI Guitar and software synthesizers which are a lot of fun.

Check out some of my animated cartoons, music recordings or guitar lessons.

It’s all good..!