Dan Sindel featured in Guitar Player

* Guitar Player Magazine – April 2008

For Press Release: 03/15/08

Yet another exciting day as Dan Sindel’s Symphonic Guitars earn a write up in the granddaddy of them all “GUITAR PLAYER” Magazines April 2008 issue.

The article reads: (page 36, Speaking of “The Liberty Bell”, Michael Molenda (editor in chief) says –
“A lot of guitarists claim to be “orchestral” players, and the result is often dreadful to my ears, but Sindel is cagey enough to be both hilarious and enjoyable. His reading of this John Sousa march – perhaps best known as the Monty Python theme – is well arranged and goofy. It’s whacked out genius!”

Dan states: “I have been reading Guitar Player Magazine ever since I was a kid and to have a mention within its pages is a dream come true, what kid does not grow up dreaming he was in Guitar Player Magazine??? LOL, On top of all that it is a very lighthearted review with a nice sense of humor built in and I am very grateful for the recognition as my honest approach to recreating the Sousa marches was in fact to not be so ‘grandiose’ but to have a ton of fun and I really think that comes across to anyone who listens to my work on “Marching In”, the music seems to transport you back to a time when things seemed perhaps a bit more simple.”

Editor-In-Chief Michael Molenda is on an aggressive talent search for talented guitarists to feature in GP magazine and in his own words states: “Simply invite me to your myspace music page to preview your fab mp3’s. If the GP staff and I like what we hear, you’ll win a short feature story in GUITAR PLAYER magazine. We’re looking to expose our readers to ballsy, inventive, creative, innovative, and technically marvelous guitarists, so take a shot. Let me hear what ya got! Good luck.