Prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No.1

Dan Sindel is back with his Symphonic Guitar version of Prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1 (BWV 1007). If you are a fan of progressive rock such as ELP, Dream Theater etc... you will be to sure to love this as well

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Canon In D - We have made it to the finish line!
Your last 2 guitar lessons are up on YouTube!

In these final segments we study section L-N (bars 47-57)
Pachelbel's Canon - 10a | Pachelbel's Canon - 10b


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Learn Pachelbel Canon in D Major

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Marching In - A Tribute to the "March King"- John Philip Sousa
** Limited edition NAMM 2008 Sampler EP **

Symphonic Guitars
What if the Classical Masters had access to Electric Guitars, Amps, Fuzz Boxes, Wah Wah pedals, Digital Delays, Flangers, Multitrack Hard Disk Recording Devices, Computers and other various Digital Sound Processing toys"?

Dan Sindel, a “One Man Orchestra”, recreates orchestral scores by transposing and transcribing the compositions to fit the guitars tonal range… Hundreds of layered guitar tracks create a massive guitar “Wall of Sound.”


This collectible limited edition CD features an eclectic blend of
Dan's "Symphonic Guitar" instrumental orchestrations and brings
a new light to modern guitar playing and arrangement

» This 6 song CD has been pressed in "limited quantities" and the disc features 3 "Advance Release" Sousa tracks and a beautifully digitally re-mastered (15 minute, 3 song medley) Excerpts From Handel's Messiah
as a bonus track which rounds off the project by showcasing Dan's depth and versatility as a musician.

» Professionally duplicated and packaged with the inclusion of high quality artwork and some "very rare" photographs of John Philip Sousa makes this a CD a commendable purchase indeed!

Some of the greatest mixing engineers and producers in the music business today
lent their talents to bring Dan's unique musical vision to life including:

Steve Sykes (Steve Lukather, Bon Jovi, Stanley Clarke, David Benoit)
Carmen Rizzo (Prince, Coldplay, Seal, Ray Charles, Paul Oakenfold)
Khaliq Glover (Herbie Hancock, Prince, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera)
Bruno Canale (Brian Welch of Korn, Alex Acuna)
Rick Shlosser (Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, Van Morrison, Cher, Diana Ross) - percussion
Bernie Becker (Tenacious D, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond) - mastering engineer

Altogether they have truly brought Dan's "Symphonic Guitars" to new heights making
listening to "Marching In" an incredible journey!

Dan Sindel's Symphonic Guitars earn a write up in the granddaddy of them all "GUITAR PLAYER" Magazines April 2008 issue.

The article reads:
(page 36, Speaking of "The Liberty Bell", Michael Molenda editor in chief says)
"A lot of guitarists claim to be 'orchestral' players, and the result is often dreadful to my ears, but Sindel is cagey enough to be both hilarious and enjoyable. His reading of this John Sousa march - perhaps best known as the Monty Python theme - is well arranged and goofy. It's whacked out genius!"


Ultimate Guitar - Marching In Review - April 2008

Dan Sindel delivers an incredible array of The March King’s compositions, each showcasing his unique talent for instrumental epics: quirky and lovable enough to clutch even the most apathetic listener’s attention, Sindel is a welcome innovation in the Shrek-eared modern music industry.   << Read full review at


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"Excerpts From Handel's Messiah"
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